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Technology is my career. This is not a hobby. This is my trade, and I take great pride in the quality of service I provide to my clients. Jobs are done to absolute completion, and I will take the time to communicate and help you understand both the details of the entire process and the reasons that necessitate the steps.

In the past 20 years I have provided services and consulting for numerous residential customers and commercial clients of all sizes, ranging from small local businesses and hospitality companies to health care organizations and equine industry leaders. I have also contracted for national service providers.

With you are receiving a robust, high-quality and fully certified service. Unlike other providers, my standard of work is substantiated through certification programs and continuous professional development. Integrity is paramount and I strive to demonstrate that – and a commitment to excellence - from initial consultation through to delivery.


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Owner and Technician

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I provide high-quality, professional computer and certified WiFi services to Central Kentucky residents and businesses at affordable rates.

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