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Services Provided

WiFi and Wireless
Residential and Commercial

Wireless is my specialty! I can effectively optimize your existing WiFi, troubleshoot any issues, upgrade to whole-house WiFi, or even build out an entire WiFi network for your business regardless of size.

WiFi symbol in blue

General Repair and Upgrades

From Windows errors to hardware failures, I can have you back up and working quickly.
I can often offer upgrades at the same time for a reduced rate as I am already invested in the repair. Remote control repairs are also available.

Laptop Outline With Sprokets and Screw Drivers

Virus, Malware and Junk Removal

The scariest aspect of the internet today is the proliferation of viruses and hijacking software. Most of the time this malware is completely removable with the correct knowledge and tools.

Blue shield with padlock in middle

Data Recovery

A failed hard drive or missing files is a serious issue, but can often be fixed if guidelines and proper practices are followed.

Free software from the internet will often not accomplish the task and usually leads to additional and often unrecoverable damage.
I have specialized software and hardware to recover data effectively.

For the most extreme cases, I am partners with both industry leaders in disaster recovery and can handle the process for you.

Rendering of inside of a hard drive

New Equipment & Solutions

Drawn AIO computer in an open box

Need a new computer? Simply need a few suggestions? I will be happy to help! While I do charge a setup fee, I can often provide the equipment at cost. I also have the understanding and knowledge to suggest options to fit the specific needs rather than simply recommending the most expensive options.


I can also outfit your business with full technology solutions including helping arrange internet service with appropriate local providers.


I have extensive experience repairing Chromebooks from all manufacturers. Most problems can be resolved over the phone for a nominal fee. 

Google's name plate of Chromebook

Other Issues

Have an issue that’s not listed? Please reach out to me and I will let you know if this is something I can help with, or refer you to the appropriate contacts.

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